It is the perfect tour for those who want to know the tastes and the knowledge of southern Italy.

Martha Dean

The Wine Tour


Visit the most important wineries, we will take you to know the most beautiful and evocative related to Italian wine tradition.


A secular and ancient wine-cellar, that gives the sense of hospitality of the hearth, feel as a symbol of rootedness of family values.

Destination for visitors from all over the world, it became an art gallery after the realization of the paintings decorating the domes of the aging and refining caves, made by the artists Raffaele De Rosa, Maria Micozzi and Doina Botez.

It is a workplace, but also a site of contemplation; characterized by a refined and discreet sobriety, that brings to mind almost slumbering feelings: time slows down and banishes unwanted noises. Jewels, preserved with wise serenity, rest and temper their personality till the moment they they will have to deal with the outside world, bringing with them the heritage of sensations built up during the long gestation period. Those jewels, will have to bear an ancient and strong message that escapes compromises and superficiality: the message of wine, blood of the Earth.

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